How I righted a ringtone wrong

Have you ever downloaded a 'free' ring tone for your phone and inadvertently been signed up to a subscription account? This happened to my wife and the first I knew about it was when the subscription charges turned up on our mobile phone bill.

One day my wife received an unsolicited text message that was offering a 'free' ringtone to download, the phone played the ringtone (Amy Winehouse) when she read the text and asked 'would you like this for your free ringtone Y/N'. She chose Y and the ringtone was automatically installed. She did not see any terms & conditions or agreements but evidently from this point on she was signed up to a subscripton service for ring tones.

We started getting three 'Multimedia Services Recd' arrive at the same time at weekly intervals or sometimes on successive days being charged at £1.28 each time. It seems more than a coincidence that the first of these occurred on the very first day of our billing cycle, some time after my wife initially downloaded the 'free' ringtone so I was not it was happening until a month later when the bill came through with an additional £24 or so on it. Next we started getting the same sort of thing from another number 81303. Yikes!

I decided to find out how this had happened and phoned Orange Customer Services. They were no help at all as far as getting a refund was concerned but did direct me to the culprits.

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